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Ghost Ad Signs

Ghosts From The Past

I’ve been intrigued by advertising my entire life. That would probably explain why I’ve spent my career in the fields of marketing and broadcasting. And we all know just how much advertising has changed in our lifetime.

When I close my eyes I’m often transported back to a simpler time back before the internet and for that matter before we had color TV. One type of advertising that I’ve always been intrigued by is the wall mural. I guess you could say that the mural was the precursor to the modern billboard. And for some reason, I’m sure a logical one, they faded away… literally. Today the ones that remain are what we fondly call ghost signs. I’ve mentioned my love of ghost signs previously (see some great ghosts HERE)

One of the companies that is known nationwide for their use of murals back in the ‘good ole days’ was Coca Cola. So naturally I spend a lot of my free time chasing the ghosts of Coca Cola’s past. Here’s a short video that shows you some of the beautiful Coca Cola murals that are now just ghosts from the past….

Ron Swanson Quotes
Kevin Mason's Holiday Playlist

Holidays On The Hi-Fi Playlist

After a lengthy career in radio, I honestly have a love/hate relationship with Christmas music. I played a LOT of it over the years, and in all honesty most of the songs I played lacked something. For a long time, I couldn’t figure out what that something was. I tried to blame it on the fact that I played ‘Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” waaaaaaay too many times, but that wasn’t it at all.

Then back in 2003 or 2004 when I was involved in running the legendary WAKR radio in Akron (the station where Alan Freed actually coined the term Rock N’ Roll) and there I finally realized what the problem was. The music I loved during the holidays was truly the good ole songs. Today they’re called Christmas standards, but back when I was growing up Bing Crosby, Andy Williams, and Perry Como were everywhere during the holiday season. In the mid 2000’s WAKR was catering to an older audience and playing those standards during the holidays and memories came flooding back.

Last year in my spare time I sat down during the holidays and attempted to create the ultimate Christmas playlist. I wanted to create a list of songs that you could play during a holiday party and even during Christmas Dinner. So this year my gift to you is a playlist I call Holidays On The Hi-Fi. And thanks to you can enjoy these songs no matter where you listen to music online. Happy Holidays!

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