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When I Eat, It Is The Food That Is ScaredHey! I resemble that remark.

In The City

In a recent post, I featured some of the pictures I’ve taken of neon signs that I’ve come across throughout Middle Tennessee.  Another one of my passions is something that many people call ‘urban exploration’.  For years I’ve been fascinated with graffiti, stencil art, and tagging.  And while I’ve never spent a lot of time in our major urban metropolises, these forms of inner city expression have started becoming more visible in cities the size of Nashville.  Here are a few images of some of the art I’ve captured on the streets (and in the alleys) of Nashville.  Click on the pictures to see the full size version of these images.

Graffiti In NashvilleGraffiti In Nashville Graffiti In Nashville

The Zen of Ron Swanson

The Zen of Ron Swanson


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