2016 In Pictures

Over the last few years I’ve come to love Instagram. While I’m actively involved on most social media sites, Instagram has become my personal favorite. It allows me to share many of the special things that I observe on my travels around the US.

Most people are satisfied with having one Instagram account, but I actually utilize 4 different accounts. For the most part, each of them has a theme. I find that I get more interaction (likes and comments) when I stick to this theme based approach.

My @kevinmason account revolves around my love of signs (especially neon signs). My @ghostadsigns profile is devoted to my love of fading ad murals or ghost signs. My @thekevinmason account is often a hodgepodge of things, but often features graffiti and street art. And my @kevinmasonmusic profile is my professional account and is focused on music and social media.

Below are short videos for each account highlighting my most liked pictures of 2016. If you’re so inclined, I invite you to follow along on Instagram. Happy New Year!


Donut Porn

I’ll never forget the first time I saw the phrase food porn on the web. It made me chuckle. I’ll admit, I’m one of those people. I take pictures of my food all the time. I know that some people hate it when people post pictures of their food, but I truly appreciate good food and a good food pic.

Last weekend when going through my photos from Mary Lou Donuts I found some of the pictures I’ve taken from other doughnut stops. So of course, I had to do something with all of those pictures… Why not a video? That’s easy. Finding the appropriate donut porn music was the toughest part. The music I found reminds me of something from a Jack Horner/Dirk Diggler movie. If you’ve seen Boogie Nights you know exactly what I mean!

So sit back and enjoy :50 seconds of pure Donut Porn. I’m sure that you’ll quickly see that I have a bit of a Fritter Fetish….

Oh, and if you too love taking pictures of your food, let’s connect on! It’s a fun website for food lovers like you and me!

Rexall Drugs

Remembering Rexall

When I was growing up in the 60’s and 70’s almost every town big and small had at least one Rexall Drug Store. The bright orange and blue signs were hard to miss.

The small town where I spent most of my youth, Quincy, IL had 4 Rexall stores that I can remember. Three of them were known as Brown’s Rexall and the one in the big shopping center on the edge of town (that one day was made into and enclosed mall) was called Key Rexall.

Over the years we spent a lot of time at the Rexall refilling prescriptions, and buying the necessities like aspirin, shampoo and Rexall’s famous Hot Lemon Cold & Flu Remedy.

But my fondest Rexall memory, was the yearly visit from the Duncan Yo-Yo Demonstration Team. I rarely missed their visits to the Key Rexall, and still have a few of my Duncan Imperial and Butterfly yo-yo’s tucked away.

Sadly, due to a hostile corporate takeover most Rexall’s faded away in the mid 1980’s. And while many of the drugstores stayed open, they were no longer affiliated with Rexall, and it wasn’t quite the same.

These days as I travel throughout the south I’m amazed by the fact that you can still see a Rexall sign from time to time. Most of the drugstores are sadly long gone, but I’m thrilled that other people still share my fondness for those old Rexall signs.

Many of these signs lost their neon years ago, but I can tell that folks like me just aren’t ready to part with the memories of their hometown drugstore. I’ve compiled a short video to share some of the signs I’ve recently found in my travels across Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana. Some are still lit, but sadly most are just holding on…

The soundtrack for this trip down memory lane is: “Water Droplets on the River” Kevin MacLeod (

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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