Harry Doyle

Hello, Harry Doyle!

Spring is finally here, and that means the baseball season is upon us. When I was much younger I played a lot of baseball and have the physical scars to show for it. I’m also a lifelong fan of the Chicago Cubs (third generation) so I have the emotional scars to go along with those physical ones.

But in all honesty, I don’t follow the game as closely as I used to. I still have a lot of friends who live and die by the box scores, but for me, it’s simply a quick glance at the online headlines every day.

Official Major League Movie PosterBut…. there is still one thing when it comes to the game of baseball that will stop me in my tracks. If I’m clicking through the TV channels and come upon the movie Major League, I stop what I’m doing and watch. Some of that has to do with the 10+ years I spent in Northeast Ohio. I nearly lived that movie!

Major League is one of those movies where I can quote most of the lines. But the line that makes me laugh out loud every time I hear it, is delivered by the Tribe’s play-by-play man Harry Doyle.

Doyle is played by legendary broadcaster (in addition to many other things) Bob Uecker, and while you might have noticed this line in the movie, anyone who has ever worked in broadcasting truly relates to the extra ‘broadcasting school’ dig that he delivers…just click PLAY below to hear this legendary commentary.

I think it’s time to break out the Cracker Jack!


The Roof, The Roof Is On Fire…

I just got the news from my brother-in-law, Matt.  It’s the end of an era at Wrigley Field in Chicago.  Or, I should say, the end of an era across the street from Wrigley Field.  If you’ve ever watched a Cubs game in person or on TV, you’ve no doubt seen the big Budweiser Roof in center field.  I’ve never been a big Bud guy, but I’ve always appreciated the roof as just one of the many traditions of Wrigley Field.  Well, InBev the new owner of Budweiser has decided that the owner of that famed roof wants too much for the over sized billboard, so…. when the Cubs opened the 2009 season at Wrigley there was a new inhabitant of the famed Budweiser Roof, the Horseshoe Casino in nearby Hammond, IN.  I was watching the Cubs beat the Cardinals today on WGN, and finally caught a glimpse of the new Horseshoe Roof.  Needless to say, it’s just not the same.  I tried to locate a picture of the new roof, but can’t find one yet.  So instead, I take you back to the good ole days…. just last year.

The Budweiser Roof at Wrigley Field