Larger Than Life #1

Today we’ll begin an ongoing series of picture posts looking at some of my favorite attractions and oddities across America. I’ve always enjoyed seeing strange roadside attractions. Most are just used for advertising purposes, but have fascinated me none the less.

There’s actually a popular website that highlights many of these attractions. It’s called Roadside America and you can check it out HERE to see many of these larger than life attractions.

Today’s we’re focusing the spotlight on Mr Bendo. He is a giant fiberglass man that is located in front of Ralph’s Muffler Shop (1250 W. 16th St., Indianapolis). I’s just down the street from Indy’s old Bush Stadium. Mr Bendo is one of the attractions that are called “Muffler Men”. You can learn more about the muffler man and his mutant friends on the Roadside America website. They even have a special page dedicated to the muffler men. Here’s a look at Mr Bendo:

The Muffler Man The Muffler Man
The Muffler Man The Muffler Man

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